A progress report

March 29, 2018

So, two months into this self-employment lark and how is it going?


I would describe it as being on the fast train from delight to despair and back, without stopping at reality. I initially had lots of work to do in setting up my website (2pollard.co.uk), designing business documents, assembling contact lists, etc. I had no trouble at all in filling the days and whilst this was not earning revenue, I knew that it was an essential investment if my little business was to be successful.


I was also extremely flattered and humbled by the number of very kind messages that I received from colleagues and associates suggesting that my skills and experience were bound to be in demand. Sure enough, the offers started to arrive, some were attractive others less so. Some seemed to promise a lot but some wore thin under a modicum of investigation. Some started hot and then ran cold and may yet run hot again?


However, my greatest delight was the partnership struck with ‘Installer’ to provide a regular opinion piece and to appear at their hugely successful exhibitions. I was particularly pleased because I know, respect and like the whole team at Installer and I think their approach has been both innovative and successful. Large gins all round.


I have spoken at 3 events, one public and two internal, and thoroughly enjoyed them all. The feedback so far has been good and I certainly hope to be doing a lot more speaking in the not too distant future. It is something that I have done a lot of over the last 10 years and I believe that I have some talent in this sphere of communication.


There are plans afoot for some projects with 3 other organisations involving aspects of sustainability and the development of new products and services, all of which sound really exciting and should carry through until the autumn.


There have also been some new opportunities. A local radio producer had followed my social media content and invited me to appear on her show, this has now been followed up by appearances on two other shows with expectations of more to come.


And, of course, there have been lifestyle changes. I have promised myself to be a lot more active and I have signed up to the government’s Active 10 programme and managed to surprise myself by becoming really quite a fan. The combination of activity and less bacon sandwiches has meant that I have lost a bit of weight and feel the healthier for it. Off course, I already had the physique of a racing snake, but a step in the right direction.


I have managed to maintain all my information sources and with the kind help of some notable friends I have attend a good selection of industry events. There have been some who have cribbed at the fact that my participation now comes with a cost, but remarkably few.


The report reads; so far, so good. I’m enjoying myself and adding some value too.


Keep smiling!

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