Management Jargon

June 25, 2018


Let me ‘toss in a thought grenade’? Anyone using this phrase could rightly be called a ‘tosser’. The modern fashion for making up words and phrases to describe perfectly normal things in the business world has become an epidemic. So, if you want to ‘add value’ where ‘the rubber meets the road’ you had better get up-to-date with the latest ‘jargon scenario’.


Don’t worry if you don’t know the latest catchphrases; you can make up your own. An easy way of doing this is to take a noun and make it into a verb. You may have noticed that athletes have been ‘medalling’ at sports events recently. If you start any new business idea you will be ‘onboarding’. Alternatively, you can add ‘isation’ to the end of words.


In my view the best, and therefore the worst, of this jargon is just to use entirely spurious phrases and watch in total amazement as they become widely accepted and used in a very short time.


One of these phrases which has become very common is ‘reaching out’. You may receive communications which start with sentence, ‘I am reaching out to you to introduce my new product’. Quite what is wrong with using the words ‘writing’ or ‘contacting’, I don’t know but it seems almost compulsory to use ‘reaching out’ these days. A useful guide to the use of the term ‘reaching out’ can be found below. (Warning: you must be old enough to remember the 4 Tops for this guide to work).




Anyway, I’m sure you can come up with your own list of these laughable phrases designed to make people stand-out. They certainly succeed with me.

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