Which tribe are you in?

January 31, 2019


These days it seems that we must be associated with a group and that means accepting all the policies and beliefs of that group. What’s more, this means you will be the ‘enemy’ of other groups who may have different ideas.


The issue of ‘labelling’ people and shoving them into convenient groups is becoming prevalent these days, particularly in the case of politics. In fact, I read an article today in which a prominent international official was issuing a warning against the ‘growing concern of populism’. Isn’t populism simply democracy? That’s to say that the most popular and widely held opinion should be the accepted norm?


Then there’s the further complication in that I may accept one policy but be diametrically opposed to another one of the same ‘tribe’. This is particularly apparent on social media where you can become the enemy of certain individuals by holding a different opinion to them, despite the fact that you may agree with them on 99% of other issues.


In politics, it is becoming increasingly obvious that many people do not support some of the views of MPs in their sheltered little world, although it is deemed ‘politically incorrect’ to have such views and anyone expressing them would come under serious criticism. Recently, there have been a number of cases where Universities, formerly the homes of discussion and debate, have banned speakers who make some students uncomfortable.


We all form or opinions through experience, information sources and discussion. Opinions can change, and should change if new information becomes available.


This is a plea to never feel intimidated to give your honest opinion, to continue to listen to others but stand your ground when you feel confident and please don’t assume that people holding other opinions on one issue makes them ‘the enemy’.

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